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Август 31, 2010

Забавные истории котенка Редди. Глава 3

Chapter 3.

An apple ball

It is autumn. It is September. It is Pinky’s birthday today. She is eight months. She has got two presents: Blackie’s present and my present. Blackie’s present is a small red ball and my present is a box of chocolates. Mrs Paw visits us in the morning. She gives Pinky a big birthday cake and goes home because she has got a baby son there.

Pinky makes tea for us. We drink tea and eat chocolates together. Then we play with a small red ball. We play and play. Pinky catches the ball with her teeth. Oh no! There is a hole in the ball. We can’t play with it now.

Pinky is very sad. She cries.

«I have not got any presents now,» she says. «There are no chocolates and there is not a ball.»

«Please, don’t cry,» I say. «We can go and play in the garden. There are a lot of apples in the grass. We can play with the apples.»

We go to the garden and we play with the apples. When there is a hole in the apple, we eat it up and play with another apple.

Pinky is happy now. She likes apples. They are red, you can play with them and you can eat them.


1. Answer the questions:

What season is it?

Whose birthday is it?

What presents has Pinky got?

Has Mrs Paw got children?

What do the kittens drink?

Is there a hole in the ball?

2. What is it?

You can play with it, but you can’t eat it.

You can play with it and you can eat it.

You can drink it. It is hot. It is brown. You put sugar in it.

3. True or false.

It is Reddy’s birthday.

Blackie gives Pinky a box of chocolate.

Pinky catches the ball with her teeth.

There are a lot of balls in the grass.

Pinky likes lemons.

4. Fill in: have got, has got, is, are, am.

The apple ______ red.

The ball ______a hole.

The kittens _______ happy.

They ______ a box of chocolates.

The chocolates ______nice.

I ______ happy.

I _______ a present.


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