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Октябрь 21, 2010

Забавные истории котенка Редди. Глава 4

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Chapter 4.


It is winter. It is cold and it is snowing. We are in the living room. We are looking at the snow though the window.

«Let’s go play in the snow,» says Pinky.

«No, it is too cold,» says Blackie.

«We can put on our warm coats and boots,» says Pinky.

«I can’t run in my boots. They are too big,» says Blackie and he looks at me.

«I can’t run in my coat. It is too long,» I say and I look at Blackie. It is so warm in the living room and so cold in the garden.

«I see,» says Pinky. «Don’t run. Stand and look at me. My clothes are nice. I can run in my boots and my coat.»

«We can look at you through the window,» say Blackie and I.

«OK,» says Pinky. «Don’t go. Sit down on the sofa and look at me through the window.»

So Pinky puts on her warm clothes and boots and goes out. She runs in the snow and she makes a snowman. She jumps in the snow and dances in the snow. She makes a snowball and trows it at her snowman.

We are sitting on the sofa and looking at Pinky. Then I stand up, take my warm coat and boots and put them on.

«Blackie,» I say. «Put on your warm clothes, and let’s go out. It is fun in the snow.»

«It is too cold,» says Blackie. «I don’t want.»

So I go to Pinky. We run in the snow and make two snowmen. We jump and dance in the snow. We make snowballs and throw them at our snowmen. We are having fun!

Suddenly we see Blackie. He is standing in the garden.

«Look, my boots are not too big,» he says. «I think, I can run. Let’s play together.»

Now we play together and we a re very happy.


1) Fill in: they, I, me, them, us, we.

1. _________ stand up and put on my clothes.

2. He looks at _______, and I look at him.

3. We make snowballs and throw  _________ at the snowmen.

4. ________ are our friends.  _______ like them.

5. We are happy. Look at ________!

2) Answer the questions.

1. What is the weather like today?

2. Where are the kittens?

3. What does Pinky put on?

4. What does she do in the snow?

3) Put the sentences in the correct order.

1. Blackie goes out.

2. Reddy puts on his warm clothes.

3. They play together.

4. Pinky runs in the snow.

5. They are in the living room.


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