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Ноябрь 6, 2010

Забавные истории котенка Редди. Глава 6

Chapter 6

Well done, Pinky!

It is Sunday today. It is our clean day. We tidy up our house on Sunday and we have a bath on Sunday. Now Pinky is cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom. I am cleaning the dining room. Blackie is cleaning the bedroom. It is funny. We like it. When the house is clean, Pinky says:

«Now let’s work in the garden. Let’s water the flowers and the trees in the garden.»

«Oh, no!» we cry together with Blackie. «We can’t work in the garden. We are tired.»

«But think about the trees and the flowers!» says Pinky. «You drink milk and water every day, but they can’t do it. They haven’t got milk or water in the fridge. They are thirsty.»

«How do you know?» we ask. «Do you talk to trees?»

«No, I don’t,» says Pinky, and she is very angry. «But I know! Look!»

Pinky takes the glass of water and water the floor.

«Can you see the water?» she asks.

«Yes, we can,» we answer.

«The floor is not thirsty. It is not drinking the water, says Pinky. «Now let’s go to the garden.»

Pinky takes another glass with water and we go to the garden.

We come up to a tree. Pinky waters the tree.

«Look!» says Pinky. «The tree is drinking! There is no water in the ground now.»

We look at the ground. It is wet, but there is now water in the ground.

«The trees are thirsty!» says Pinky. «Now help me to water them.»

«Pinky, you are very clever!» I say. «You can understand trees.»

And we water all the trees and the flowers in the garden.

Mrs. Paw always visits us on Sundays. She looks at the clean rooms and at the trees and flowers in the garden. She says: «Good kittens!»


1) Answer the questions

1. What day is it today?

2. What do they tidy up?

3. Do they like it?

4. Do they go to the garden?

5. Do they water the trees and the flowers?

6. Who visits the kittens on Sundays?

2) About you

1. Do you tidy up your room?

2. Do you water the flowers?

3. Do you work in the garden?

4. Do you water the trees in your garden?

3) What is it?

1. It is beautiful. It is red, yellow, white, orange, pink or blue. You water it.

2. It is small or big. You have water in it.

3. Tables, sofas, chairs, bookcases, armchairs stand on it.

4. You can sleep in this room.

5. You can eat in this room.

6. You can cook in this room.

7. You can wash in this room.


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