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Ноябрь 6, 2010

Забавные истории котенка Редди. Глава 6

Chapter 6

Well done, Pinky!

It is Sunday today. It is our clean day. We tidy up our house on Sunday and we have a bath on Sunday. (more…)


Ноябрь 1, 2010

Забавные истории котенка Редди. Глава 5

Chapter 5

A film or lunch?

It is very cold today. We are in the house. We are watching a film. It is about a mouse. Its name is Stuart Little. The film is very  interesting. But, when I see a mouse, I am very hungry.


Август 31, 2010

Забавные истории котенка Редди. Глава 3

Chapter 3.

An apple ball

It is autumn. It is September. It is Pinky’s birthday today. She is eight months. She has got two presents: Blackie’s present and my present. Blackie’s present is a small red ball and my present is a box of chocolates. Mrs Paw visits us in the morning. She gives Pinky a big birthday cake and goes home because she has got a baby son there. (more…)

Август 30, 2010

Забавные истории котенка Редди. Глава 2

Chapter 2

A nice day

We are in the house today. It is raining.

Pinky likes the cupboard. Now she is sleeping in the cupboard. Blackie likes the sofa. Now he is sitting in the sofa. I like the chair. Now I am playing with my tail under the chair. (more…)

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